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All brand NEW facilities conveniently located in the heart of Woodford Co. in Midway, KY.

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Welcome to the White dog Campus

Over 200,000 SQFT of high-end, leasable Bourbon Whiskey Storage warehouse with state of the art airflow & horizontal and palletized racking that meets DISCUS and FM Global Requirements. To ensure our clients peace of mind, we offer highly competitive insurance rates on both long and short term storage solutions.

Short & Long-term

From short-term storage of a month, White Dog will house your barrels in our state of the art facility at amazingly competitive rates.

But, we all know great bourbon can take a while to age, that’s why we offer long-term storage solutions as well.

New Fill

Every barrel in the New Fill program comes with an all-inclusive, four year storage agreement. We start with the highest quality products on the front-end resulting with the highest quality ‘white dog’ on the back end. You, too, can be a barrel owner with White Dog.

Built for the future

Working with industry leaders, our warehouse offers the highest quality materials, ventilation, on-site security and advanced technology to make us the best. Within our facility, we use a barrel management software that allows easy access for our clients to keep close eyes on their product while it ages.


We utilize the latest safety and inventory technology to protect your barrels.


State of the art security and monitoring systems provide us the ability to monitor our facilities 24/7.


From the best RFID tags to sprinkler systems, we spared no expense to create a space that reflects our vision and mission.


Our one-of-a-kind system regulates air flow in our warehouse and provides the perfect setting for every barrel.

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New Fill

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